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Bid Number: 12122022A
Status: Closed


RFP Appraisal 

Part 1) General Information 

The City of Fairbury is requesting proposals for State board certified or State licensed appraisers to complete appraisals of properties in the City of Fairbury, Nebraska. The project is financed in part by the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) through the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The Project is administered locally by the City of Fairbury, Development Services Director. 

Sealed proposals are to be submitted to: City of Fairbury Development Services Director, attn Laura Bedlan, 612 D St, P.O. Box 554, Fairbury NE 68352 no later than 1:30 pm on December 12th, 2022 

Part 2) Technical Requirements 

Proposals shall include, at a minimum, the following information: 

- Firm name, address and contact information 

- State of Nebraska Board Appraisal Certification or License 

- Specialized experience and technical competence of the firm, including qualifications of staff to be assigned to the project 

- Proposed project timeframe 

- The firm’s proximity and familiarity with the City of Fairbury and real estate market 

- Past record of performance of the firm with respect to factors such as accessibility to clients, quality of work, and ability to meet schedules 

- Previous experience with HMGP projects or other state/federally funded projects 

- List of references for at least three (3) projects - Cost per appraisal per unit 

The City of Fairbury will not be responsible for costs incurred by any firm in the preparation of their proposals. The City of Fairbury reserves the right to reject any and all proposals. The City of Fairbury is an Equal Opportunity Employer and invites submission of bids from minority and woman-owned firms. All firms will be notified in writing of the decision promptly upon selection of a firm. 

Part 3) Scope of Work 

The project consists of appraisals on 21 properties, 13 with residential and/or outbuildings. The HMGP project buyout process is strictly voluntary, and any property owner may withdraw their application at any time. As a result, the actual number of appraisals could change. The City will pay for all appraisals conducted but will not order appraisals for those property owners who withdraw. Therefore, appraisal prices must be on a unit basis. 

Part 4) Appraisal Stipulations 

The following stipulations must be used and considered in all appraisals: 

1. Appraisals will only be conducted by scheduling the appraisal with the permission of each property owner. The appraisals are to be provided to the City of Fairbury in sets of three (3) originals and one digital copy for each property. Appraisals will be used by the City to make an offer to purchase to each property owner. Any requests for copies of these appraisals must be made directly to the City. 

2. A Nebraska State board certified or licensed appraiser must make all appraisals (internal & external- no windshield appraisals). 

3. All appraisals must be on Freddie Mac or similar appraisal forms. Narrative only appraisals are not acceptable. 

4. Appraisals for all properties must be made by parcel of land, even if there are multiple lots on a parcel and identified by parcel identification. 

5. Manufactured homes must be appraised “where they are” on the lots from which they are to be sold. 

6. The appraiser must use a sales comparison approach for all appraisals. This approach must be used even if a subject property produces income for the owner. 

7. The appraiser must be able to substantiate the values used for the sales of all comparable properties with documentation of sales if requested by the city 

8. Comparables in the general area of the City of Fairbury area are acceptable; as long as adjustments are made up or down to reflect the differences in property values when the comparables are not located in the immediate vicinity. 

9. Site value adjustments absolutely must be made for any comparables that are not located in a floodplain when the subject property is located in a floodplain. Other adjustments for lot size, improvements, etc. will be made as usual. 

10. The estimated site value must be shown clearly somewhere on the appraisal in addition to the indicated value by sales comparison approach. Any kitchen equipment (i.e., refrigerator) that is typically moved by the occupant upon departure should not be included in the final value of the property. 

11. All appraisals must show clearly the estimated Fair Market Value (FMV) prior to the March flood in 2019. 

12. All appraisals must also include all structures that were present prior to the March 2019 flooding as well to accurate reflect the Pre-event FMV of the properties included in the project. 

Publication Date/Time:
11/7/2022 8:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
12/12/2022 1:30 PM
Submittal Information:
Business Hours:
7:00 AM - 4:00 PM CST
Questions regarding this RFP shall be made to Laura Bedlan or 402-729- 5261 ext. 2
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