Liquor License - Do I Need One/How to Renew

Do I Need a Liquor License?

Renew a Liquor License:

In 2017 the City of Fairbury began participation in NLCC Online Local Fee and Registration.  Licenses of the City of Fairbury will now license and pay all state and local fees online at the time of renewal on the NLCC website (Liquor License Online Renewal).

Renewal forms and licensing fee invoices will still be mailed to licensees two months prior to renewal deadline.  There will be no further reminders as it is the sole responsibility of the seller to obtain and renew their licensing directly with the State.  City Clerks are responsible for publication of renewal notice and mailing the state renewal forms after received by the state.  All other requirements must be fulfilled by the liquor vendor and the NLCC.

Delinquent licensees are not able to sell any alcohol after midnight the last day of the license until the license is renewed and received by the City Clerk by mail.  Letters of authorization to pick up delinquent licenses from the NLCC will not be available.  Please plan ahead to receive your license before the deadline and consider the time it will take NLCC to process your license and mail it to the City Offices to record and notify licensee for pick up.

The licensing timeline remains the same and the physical licenses will be mailed to the Fairbury City Offices at 612 D Street after the online renewal is processed.  Licensees will have 21 days to pick up their license.  Any licenses remaining after day 21 must be returned to NLCC.

For additional information or questions, contact:

Nebraska Liquor License Control Commission

Licensing Division, P.O. Box 95046

Lincoln, NE  68509

Liquor License Online Renewal Link